RCMC provides direct services to youth mentor  programs throughout Riverside County by:  hosting a web site and mentor information hotline, hosting an annual mentor recognition event, providing training and technical assistance and encouraging member best practices.

What is a Mentor ?


     [men-tawr, -ter]

             A wise and trusted counselor, teacher or friend...

The word mentor first appeared as a character's name in Homer's Odyssey. Mentor was the trusted counselor of Odysseus, to whom the king entrusted the safekeeping and development of his only son, Telemachus, during his travels.

Mentors have always existed. For most of us, there was that special person-a teacher, a coach, a relative, a friend-who helped open the world to our dreams and lives.

A Mentor...

serves as a role model
• gives quality time
• gives guidance
• shares a hobby or interest
• encourages a child (in sports, the arts, academics or community service)
• simply listens

What is RCMC?

The Riverside County Mentor Collaborative is a partnership of mentor programs that assist, support, and encourage safe, positive mentor-mentee connections through:

• Sponsoring mentor-trainer workshops
• Support and technical assistance for mentors and mentor-trainers
• Access to an 800 resource number to assist individuals and agencies
• Maintain a comprehensive directory to mentor programs throughout Riverside County
• The Partnership Between a Mentor and a Child

A mentor-mentee partnership is a caring, encouraging, respectful, friendship between an older individual and a younger counterpart. Mentoring allows people to connect with each other and their community.

As a mentor you will:

• Help a child to explore new worlds
• Share your experience/knowledge
• Provide positive reinforcement
• Develop positive goals and attitudes
• Establish a friendship that lasts a lifetime


How do I become a mentor?

There are many ways to become a mentor, no special qualifications are needed. Ask yourself:


1)   1)   Do you want to become involved on a long-term or short-term basis?

2)   2)   How do you want to spend your time?

3)   3)   Do you want to teach, build a relationship, participate one-on-one, or in a group?


After reflecting on your needs, contact the Riverside County Mentor Collaborative Information Line, at 1-888-MENTOR6 (toll free). You will be referred to a mentor group in your area.

All Mentor Programs require mentors to submit to a fingerprint and background check